Norwegian Cruises Norwegian Cruise lines' (NCL) cruises have one theme - Freestyle Cruising. Flexibility is the key factor in their style of cruising in nearly every aspect from its open dining schedule to its relaxed disembarkations. NCL cruises are for people who like to go their own way, providing them with a liberating cruise experience. It is known for its innovation from onboard Internet café’s to alternative restaurants, on board bowling alleys and more. Their guests dine as they like (where they want, when they want), dress as they please and can disembark at leisure. NCL Cruises has cultivated a broad appeal, which means its ships are oriented to both families and couples.  Guests on board are from a varied range of backgrounds – well-to-do and middle class, those seeking adventure and those who want to relax. Though their key market are the North Americans, they also cater to various nationalities on board their ships. NCL sets sail to over 140 ports of call on four continents. With NCL Cruises, you'll find cruises to the Caribbean, Alaska, Europe, South America and their specialties – Bermuda and Hawaii. Moreover, with departure cities from Seattle to New York City, NCL cruise vacations  offer you a wide range of options to choose from!

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