MSC Cruises MSC Cruises is a family oriented cruise liner offering its guests an authentic Italian experience at an affordable price. While it sails to destinations all over the world, it aims to recreate "the Mediterranean way of life” on its ships.  Their ships tend to be more nautical and seaworthy in their look and feel with extensive use of marble, wood and brass, highlighting their Italian heritage. MSC Cruise itineraries include more ports of call and fewer days at sea. Mealtimes on MSC ships are more traditional with set meal timings and even the same set of fellow diners. The range and quality of eateries and entertainment on board is superb. All Their policy of two children below 16 sharing their parents getting free passage naturally attracts a lot of families and there are plenty of activities geared towards children on board. As MSC has guests from all over Europe and America, all announcements on board the ship are made in Spanish, Italian, German and English. Most of MSC Cruise guests are from Europe. However, with their rapid fleet expansion as well as sailings to different parts of the world (some ships are permanently based in USA), they now catering to a wider base of guests from around the world. And, with their child free policy they do attract a lot of young families. MSC Cruises' main playground is, naturally, the Mediterranean. It does however also offer a range of sailing to the Caribbean, South America and South Africa.

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